As you know, SoundExchange is committed to providing new tools to help artists and rights owners manage their accounts and repertoire.  Part of our next phase is enhancing the functionality of PLAYS.  When our work is complete, you will be able to access PLAYS via  To use the relaunched PLAYS you will have to be registered with SoundExchange.  Registration is free and you can sign up here:

During this period we will continue to help registered account holders to identify and claim their tracks.  To confirm that your tracks are paid to your featured artist and/or rights owner account, please submit the repertoire (download the form here) for which you have the right to collect royalties, to

When we receive your submission, we will search for reported usage of those tracks that should be payable to you.  As applicable, we will return to you a matching report for you to identify, confirm and/or make claims on such tracks and usage. 

Thank you for your interest and patience as we work to make this process better for everyone.   We look forward to helping you with your account.

Your Friends at SoundExchange